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Oh Lumiere Publishing is the music publishing company of the Uncle M Music family. Mirko Gläser founded the company in 2016 and looks back on almost 25 professional years in the music industry, during which he has played a leading role in building up German newcomers alongside many national and international greats (Parkway Drive, Flogging Molly, The Gaslight Anthem, Northlane, Donots, Boysetsfire, Itchy…). Today’s scene heavyweights like Blackout Problems, 100 Kilo Herz, Hi! Spencer, Kind Kaputt, Shoreline, Sperling, KMPFSPRT, Rising Insane and many more have made their first sea miles with the help of Uncle M Music and Oh Lumiere Publishing and are still closely anchored with us today.

Oh Lumiere Publishing is administered and co-published by Future World Publishing, whose team has been one of Hamburg’s leading independent publishers for decades. Like salt and sea air, the two partners complement each other, providing unerring navigation and creative wayfinding in any swell.


Oh Lumiere Publishing manages rights to musical works by its bands and markets them worldwide. What sounds bulky is actually called:

1. rights management: we take care of managing the copyrights and, if requested, ancillary copyrights of a band’s musical works. This includes registering the works, pursuing royalties and enforcing rights against third parties. This allows bands to focus on the creative while the publisher handles the legal aspects.

2. marketing and promotion: with Uncle M and our large network of freelancers, we have a large source of contacts in the music industry, including record labels, music producers, promoters and media. Through these connections, we can help bands introduce their music to a wider audience and create opportunities for gigs, recordings, releases and other career opportunities – domestically but also globally. The publisher can also assist in creating marketing strategies and executing promotional campaigns.

3. music licensing: we can negotiate licenses for the use of a band’s music in various media and formats. This includes, for example, licensing songs for film and television soundtracks, advertising campaigns, video games, or streaming services. Through such licensing agreements, the band can generate additional revenue and increase its reach.

4. royalty administration: a music publisher monitors the income from the use of a band’s music and ensures that the corresponding royalties and license fees are correctly calculated and paid to the band members. This is particularly advantageous in the case of international collecting societies.


Very simple: Let’s talk! Make an appointment now: https://calendly.com/unclem/oh-lumiere

Oh Lumiere owner Mirko Gläser offers free, no-obligation consultations in which we look at your current situation as a band & author:inside and talk about your goals that you would like to achieve with our help.

Oh Lumiere has a special approach how we take care of the GEMA administration of your works on the one hand and promotion support, consulting and networking for bands on the other hand.