Chris Cresswell Feel Cover


“Feel” (Single)


On “Feel,” Chris Cresswell sings about a topic that needed to come out. In his new solo track, the Flatliners frontman reflects on his long life as a musician and considers how his profession and growing older have changed his interpersonal relationships. With sensitive minimalism, Cresswell creates a song that goes to a very personal level with only soulfully plucked guitar and the singer’s distinctive velvety voice.

The musician himself explains the background of “Feel” like this:

“When you earn your money with music, you sometimes walk through life with blinders on. Maybe life is like that in general after a certain age, no matter what you work as. You walk along your own path so purposefully that sometimes an enormous amount of time can pass before you even realize it. As we get older, relationships become more and more crucial to our existence. As time passes, we can choose family and friends. I believe it’s important to grow those relationships so they can continue to shape you as a person. This song is about the importance of prioritizing a relationship and how that effort can sometimes break you if you’re always the one floating around out there in space around the people you love.”