“Endings = Beginnings”
LP, digital


Rousing alternative songs and unforgettable hooklines that effortlessly manage the balancing act between radio and rock club: FLASH FORWARD from the Ruhr area celebrate the most successful phase of their band history with a new album “Endings = Beginnings”, which will be released on December 9th 2022 – an encouraging credo that sometimes seems elusive in the moment of change. In 13 songs that breathe the spirit of the times, the quartet repeatedly raises the question of how gloomy circumstances challenge us, what acceptance of difficult situations requires, and how not to lose sight of the next chapter in uncertain times.

It couldn’t be more fitting that Flash Forward would take this discussion of new beginnings to their sixth album with outrageously fresh sonic repertoire: Never before has the band turned the “pop” in “pop-punk” inside out as confidently and innovatively as on “Endings = Beginnings,” while simultaneously embedding it in an alternative sound that no longer needs to hide from international role models. It’s a record that weaves brilliant synthesizers around the most stirring moments of You Me At Six and celebrates the unfailing anthems of The Hunna with the most sonic of bows.

“Endings = Beginnings” is not simply a lockdown album, as many other bands have produced in recent years. Instead, Flash Forward constantly reveal the many self-reflective as well as interpersonal conflicts within their songs, which perhaps only such a sudden jolt through the entire life is able to bring forth. “I might be broken inside/ But also try to get things right,” is the opening chorus of “Out Of Love,” a stormy as well as melancholy farewell song in which a musically captivating catharsis emerges from the increasing estrangement of two people. The guitar-emphasized “Saviour”, on the other hand, sets a counterpoint in unsteady times and is about being caught up, even when times are particularly unsteady. Some situations on the record seem almost symbolic of the loss of control that the lyrics of “Endings = Beginnings” repeatedly harbor – for example, when “Drowning Underwater” addresses helplessness during a bad drug trip.

2022 marks their best year in the band’s history so far and Flash Forward celebrated further successes in front of thousands of fans during the summer with performances at major festivals such as Hurricane, Southside and Highfield. “Endings = Beginnings” will be released on December 9th 2022 via Uncle M Music: Several detailed vinyl pressings of the album in surprising color combinations will be available exclusively in the Uncle M Shop.