Hi! Spencer - Bei den Hunden


“Bei den Hunden” (EP)
CD, Vinyl, digital
30.10.2020 (Vinyl: 19.11.2021)


Long needed, now finally here: Hi! Spencer release an acoustic EP with “Bei den Hunden”, making audible the intimate interpretation of their sound that has long been inherent in the soulful music of the Osnabrück-based indie band. The quintet has re-recorded five of its songs, and in doing so is immediately championing an important cause: By purchasing the CD, which is available exclusively at the Uncle M Shop, Hi! Spencer ask their fans to make a donation to the civilian sea rescue organization Seebrücke – an action that is especially important now after the burning refugee camp in Moria.

The inspiration for this frame of the EP came to Hi! Spencer when they took another look at their own songs for the project. “By recording acoustically, in some cases we were revisiting years-old songs,” the band says. “In the process, we really stumbled upon the lyric line ‘I slept with the dogs’ from the song ‘Trümmer’. When the song was written, the passage was a metaphor for us. Over the years as a band though, we’ve gotten to work with a lot of insanely great people – including Pfand gehört daneben, an organization that raises awareness about homelessness. When we hear the line now, we see people in it for whom the phrase is not a metaphor, but rather a reality. To be able to use our EP to bring attention, awareness and sensitivity to these people – that would be great.”

That the songs of Hi! Spencer are able to reveal new facets not only in terms of content but also musically, as “Bei den Hunden” proves more clearly than ever before. The band has arranged all tracks completely new. In the special studio atmosphere and with soothing piano sounds, all songs unfold a completely different effect, which Hi! Spencer completely reinvents, without ever forgetting the roots of the band. Just as much love was put into the design and presentation of the project. Lucas Mayer, who has already worked for bands like Heisskalt and Fjørt, is responsible for the artwork. The CD also comes in a natural paper folding bag printed directly by Homesick Merch, which not only provides a special look, but also does without any plastic.