“Everything I Love Is Trying To Kill Me”


One that hardly anyone expected anymore: Josh Mann, best known as the singer of the Australian punk veterans Paper Arms, releases a new solo EP. Mann shows himself on it from all his diverse facets: Between folk-punk, ballads and even genuine country songs, the EP has an incredible number of sides to offer. Josh Mann looks back on his entire career with his new music and at the same time proves that he has not lost his creativity by far.

Yet the five songs included on the EP actually come from someone who had almost given up on music. For some time, Mann had put aside the guitar and hardly let hear from him. It wasn’t until Paper Arms reunited for an Australian tour with Strike Anywhere in 2019 that the will to get musically active again awoke in Josh Mann. Left to his own devices, the singer discusses extremely personal topics. He sings about the death of his grandfather, the Parkinson’s diagnosis of his mother or even about the loss of his own faith.

Besides Josh Mann himself, the other members of Paper Arms can also be heard on the record. Nevertheless, the songs on the EP are primarily the highly personal result of a musical veteran who has caught new fire again. Who knows where this will lead.