KMPFSPRT Euphorie und Panik


“Euphorie und Panik”
CD, LP, digital


“Let’s start today”, it was already said by the legendary GORILLA BISCUITS! And also KMPFSPRT are back and announce a new album for 2022. “Euphoria and panic” – so once written in the band chat in reference to something completely different, became the album title almost four years later, which quite aptly captures the two poles of the new songs, but also the general attitude towards life in recent years.

After KMPFSPRT vented on their hometown during the forced break in 2020 on their racy (and now sold out) “10 Songs in 10 Minutes” 7-inch single, the Cologne natives are now back in full. And a lot has piled up: Over 12 songs in 37 minutes, everyone gets their fat, be it mavericks, to whom the first single “Schottergarten Eden” was dedicated, or bands who see punk not as an outlet for rebellion, but as a marketing strategy (“Punk must be worthwhile again”). Of course, capitalism is still annoying and gets a musical slap in the face with “Vom Augenwischer zum Millionär”. But KMPFSPRT wouldn’t be KMPFSPRT if they didn’t put personal stories next to the big topics again. There’s “Löwen-Emoji”, for example, which deals with loneliness after a relationship and is supported by the brass section of 100 KILO HERZ. Or “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Dystopia”, which reflects many a hard time, along with the sensationalism one sometimes finds in one’s own circle of friends. “Schwanenkampf” then again, casts a critical eye on one’s own scene and hero worship, which sometimes proves to be completely out of place, while the rather gloomy closer “Regen wie der Lärm von Zügen” surprises with synth elements and even a short, black metal blast beat.

So “Euphoria and Panic” combines over 12 songs the basic mood of the band members of the last two years, which were an eternal up and down, and further plumbs the depths between these two extremes: Poppy choruses, which KMPFSPRT have never shied away from, embedded in driving punk songs – and the hardcore 7-inch from 2020 has also left its mark. In this way, the Cologne-based band skillfully combine all influences on their fourth album to create a sound that has now been simultaneously pushing the band forward for over 10 years while still remaining aware of their roots: “Of all our albums, ‘Euphoria and Panic’ reminds me most of our debut ‘Jugend mutiert’. During the songwriting phase I directly had the feeling that the lightheartedness of the early days is back. The songs have been an incredibly important outlet for us to vent a bit during the dark days of the lockdown. It feels like a lot of ballast has fallen off our shoulders,” says guitarist David Schumann.

Decisive for the new sound are also two other people: First, drummer Jan Gruben (MNMNTS, HEY RUIN, FLITTERN) joined the band shortly before Pandemic began and is now the fourth KMPFSPRT drummer. A lot of songwriting sessions have proven that the chemistry between the four of them is just right. So Jan was already involved in the 2020 7-Inch. In addition, the four went for the first time in their career to the recording studio 45 of BLACKMAIL legend Kurt Ebelhäuser, who helped on “Euphoria and Panic” the band formative to their current sound and KMPFSPRT even a decade after the founding sounds fresh and exciting.

So KMPFSPRT are approaching the year 2022 with the feelings with which some probably look to the future: “Euphoria and panic”. Let’s hope that euphoria will prevail in the end. KMPFSPRT have already contributed their part with the new album.