“KMPFSPRT (7-inch Album)”
LP, digital


KMPFSPRT have always been a band that did what they wanted to do, no matter if it made sense or not. Guerrilla tour in Japan, although no one there knows the band and plundered the band savings for it? Check! Ten songs in ten minutes about their hometown Cologne? Double check! On their latest release, in proper style with a new drummer – their fourth by now – KMPFSPRT combine two things that have always been important to them.

First of all, there’s the music that first put a sparkle in the Cologne band’s eyes as teenagers: Hardcore. Even if you could see it on the three albums of the band – a strong hardcore background, which is connected with KID DYNAMITE, GORILLA BISCUITS or MINOR THREAT, one has never clearly assigned to KMPFSPRT. Here, however, these roots clearly come through, especially when you undercut yourself again and again in the brevity of the songs: The first track “Ich fahr Schwarz” lasts only 20 seconds, is shortly thereafter undercut by 7 more seconds of “Nazis raus aus Köln”, only to shoot out with “Kein Wort”, an 8-second love song to the hometown.

This brings us to the second topic close to their hearts: Having grown up in and around Cologne, guitarist David and bassist Dennis at some point had the crazy idea of writing songs about Cologne without getting bogged down in local patriotism or even swaying carnival hymns of praise to the city on the Rhine across the stage. They quote Zeltinger and refer to the Bläck Fööss, puke about the gentrification of Ehrenfeld as well as the brown mob in the streets of the city on the Rhine, but also sing about the feeling after a long tour when the cathedral appears on the horizon. Is this an album or an EP now? It’s like Cologne: It is a feeling.