“Good Friends, Bad Luck”


“Good Friends, Bad Luck” is not only the title of The Run Ups new five-track EP, but also the perfect reflection of a life in a DIY punk rock band. The new EP by Melodic Punks from Bristol is inspired by getting the best out of bad situations, being honest with yourself and cultivating friendships.

With “Good Friends, Bad Luck” the band strengthens their already existing cooperation with Real Ghost Records, but also establishes new bands with the German punk rock label Uncle M. “Good Friends, Bad Luck” will be released worldwide as a special edition 12-inch vinyl with etching and as a digital download on September 28, 2018.

“We decided on the title “Good Friends, Bad Luck” because we had really bad luck on the road lately. Our van broke down, we missed shows and even got our tires stolen,” says singer Larry Bernard. “But we’re really happy that we can rely on each other and make the best of it.”

The Run Up have written their most mature record yet, both lyrically and musically. “We think this is our most coherent record yet. It feels like we really found a direction for ourselves and followed it consistently,” says bassist Daniel Baker.

“Good Friends, Bad Luck” was recorded at Spacewolf Studios in Somerset and Joe’s Garage in Bristol. Ben Turner was responsible for engineering and production. Dave Boothroyd breathed life into the songs in York with mix and master.

Since their foundation in summer 2014 the band stands behind their art. At the end of 2017 The Run Up reached their peak with the release of their Self-Titled debut album. The album was extremely well received and allowed the band to tour the west coast of the USA – and end the tour with an appearance at the legendary The Fest in Gainesville, Florida. Energetic shows, long rides, shared laughter, nervous breakdowns and close friendships are the key ingredients of The Run Ups’ career to date.

In 2018, The Run Up have so far completed tours in the UK and Europe with bands such as Red City Radio, Iron Chic, No Trigger, Spanish Love Songs, Bad Cop / Bad Cop and Pkew Pkew Pkew on stage. By the end of the year, The Run Up will have played around 75 shows in more than ten countries.